When twelve-year-old Bab Sharkey finds a magical beard in the Egyptian desert, it attaches itself to his face, making him the Pharaoh and granting him strange powers. Bab also finds the friends he’s always needed: a pair of undead animals wrapped in bandages called Scaler the Fish Mummy and Prong the Ibis Mummy. But the previous owner of the Beard, an ancient and evil sorceress called the Unpharaoh, is determined to get it back. Can Bab and his new Animal Mummy friends banish the Unpharaoh back to the Afterworld?

When Andrew isn’t writing about Animal Mummies, he writes and performs comedy. He hops on stage whenever he feels brave enough. Working with his friends in a group called The Chaser, he’s written funny newspapers and books. The Chaser have also made TV shows with silly names like Media Circus, The Hamster Wheel, The Chaser’s War on Everything, and even one called CNNNN which has more Ns in a row than any other show.


Jessica writes, draws and films stories. Originally from Kyneton, Victoria, Jessica grew up surrounded by an odd collection of pets including dogs, quails, chickens, sheep, goats, rabbits and a donkey who’d bite holes in your clothes if you weren’t careful. During a trip to Egypt, Jessica got the idea for this story when she saw real mummified animals in a spooky museum.

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